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Some of the videos formerly on this page have been moved to YouTube
and can be viewed from the new Doctor Blue video webpage for family and kids related videos.
If you come across any non functioning links try here: Doctor Blue's YouTube Video Show #10
There's also the Almighty Cap'n Bogart's YouTube Channel Thingy in the brewin'.

Your best bet is to go to one of the afore mentioned video sites since the reorganization and updating, etc., etc. has made the videos on this page show with unpredictable results. (Some of the videos that used to be here are just plain GONE... for the time being at least)

Family Videos Music Videos
Valentine's Day 2005 (Short Version)
Valentine's Day 2005 (Long Version)
Mother's Day 2005
Feel My Love (Wedding)
Wonderful World (Wedding)
Wedding Reception
Screaming Children
Kristin & Luke - Silly Monkeys
Kristin & Luke - April 2006 (Long)
Kristin's Birthday 2006
Valentine 2007
The Mysterious Yard
Spalding County Fair - October 2007
4073 Photos
Thank You
Luke's Friend Show
Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer
Willie Nelson & Keith Richards - We Had It All
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Neil Young - Ohio
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Twain - It Don't Matter
Twain - King Of The Hill
Twain - Open The Presents
Cinderblock - Drive Me Home
Cinderblock - A New Beginning To The End

Hanging with Friends Miscellaneous Stuff
Evan Williams
Skippy Rap
I Got A Pea
Girls Bending Over And A Dog At The Beach
Blow Up
Flaming Patrick
Camera Operations

Broken video tape
Let's All Go To The Lobby
Club Bogart Website Welcome
Artsy Fartsy
Griffin Sun Rise
UGA - The Big Campus
World Trade Center Construction/Destruction
Bush Finger
The Three Stooges in Disorder In The Court
The Little Rascals in School's Out
23 Nights in Paris (Hilton)
Video Collage #1
Griffin Liquid Wax
College Kids Smokin' Camels
Fred & Barney Smokin' Winstons
Johnny Smoke
The New 1963 Chevrolets
Bugs Bunny in Little Red Riding Rabbit
Bugs Bunny in Hillbilly Hare
Bugs Bunny in Fresh Hare
Bugs Bunny in Long Haired Hare
Roger Rabbit in Tummy Trouble
Courage the Cowarly Dog
Courage the Cowarly Dog
Burger Chef & Jeff meet Count Fangburger
Porky Pig Hits His Finger
Popeye in Patriotic Popeye
Popeye in Taxi Turvy
It's Jihad, Farley Towne
Christmas Videos Apple Stuff
Christmas Eve with the Wilsons 2006
Jingle Bells
Charlie Brown, Linus & Luke
Linus Loses It
Family Guy Christmas Wish
The Chipmunks' Christmas Song
Pluto's Christmas Tree
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus
Bouncing Blob
Vista Security
Time Machine
Santa Claus
Apple Computer G5 Documentary

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